cuneiform 2.2.1-release executable md5: 1ef7c72b6c0afd6c71b1c15ccaf3530d

Make sure, you have installed an Erlang emulator version 7.0 (OTP 18.0) or higher on a Linux or Mac OS. You can check your Erlang emulator version by entering erl -version

Download the above link. Start the Cuneiform interactive shell by changing to the directory where the executable is located and start the application. If necessary, give executable permissions via chmod.

chmod u+x cuneiform

Enter ./cuneiform --help instead to see all available options. When starting the interactive shell you should see the following prompt:

           @@WB      Cuneiform
          @@E_____   2.2.1-release 2016-10-17
   g@@#*`3@B         Type help for usage info.
  @@P    3@B
  @N____ 3@B


You can quit the shell by entering quit.

For more setup options see the Setup section in the Cuneiform documentation. For a quick introduction to Cuneiform please refer to the Quick start guide. The downloads available on this site are Erlang binaries. Alternatively, you can compile Cuneiform from its source code.

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